Best Premium Restaurant WordPress Themes 2013

Hunting for a right template for your restaurant? Good idea! Today more and more companies promote themselves through the World Wide Web to get more profit from their business. A good restaurant website must be attractive and interactive for its visitors, to inspire them to try something from the menu and to come to your restaurant again and again. The best what you can do to achieve this goal and avoid spending a fortune is to run your site with the help of WordPress themes. Whether you have a small coffee-shop, or a chain of restaurants with sophisticated dishes, with WordPress you can find a theme that suits most of your needs. Fortunately, there are excellent choices of restaurants premium themes available with WordPress. Have a look at some of them.

Gusteau: Restaurant WordPress Theme
Gusteau is an extremely stylish and unique theme for restaurants, pubs and bars, which combines pure elegance with timeless design and superb technical qualities. Gusteau theme offers an excellent system for administration menu cards and photo galleries. The theme is highly optimized for search engines and has excellent SEO options like adding your own keywords and meta descriptions for each page, post or menu item.


Pluto Fullscreen Cafe and Restaurant
Pluto is a WordPress theme for Cafe and Restaurant, built with latest WordPress features. Custom Post Type, Skins & Colors, Extensive admin panel etc. The slick and smooth sliders and image gallery shows off your recipes to the viewer’s treat.


Delicious Restaurant WordPress
Happy bright color on the background together with a big slider emphasize the purpose of your website. This is a WordPress template with 3 variations color. You can use it for anything especially for a Restaurant or Cafe. This template comes for WordPress 3+ only.


Restaurant WordPress Theme
This Restaurant WordPress Theme has a textured background of black and white with a wide strip of floral pattern for the logo. The multi level navigation menu and rich hover effects of the template give your restaurant website a beautiful and sophisticated look.


Clean Restaurant WordPress Template
This restaurant theme has splending layout appearance with white content area. A nice blue sidebar is boxed for linking the blog posts. The navigation panel hangs on the header.


Black & Orange European Restaurant WordPress Template
This is absolutely eye-catchy and beautiful WordPress theme designed especially for restaurants and cafes. A big slider and red background together with round-shaped navigation elements make your site recognizable and your restaurant profitable.


Victoria Premium Restaurant WordPress Theme
Victoria is a powerful WordPress theme with many features that are easy to edit. It empowers you to change any color of elements such as backgrounds, texts, links, menu links, typography, etc. The main content block is placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position, so it is crawled first by search engines.


Redminton – Restaurant WordPress Theme
Redminton is a stylish WordPress theme that comes with a sliding paginator, and is great for restaurant or food related websites. Redminton is built like a presentation wall, to be a place where you can showcase your products or services. The category template is created in an original way, using the powerful thumbnail WordPress option. Random thumbnails lead to posts, that is great for websites with a huge amount of content.


Feast – Facebook Fanpage & WordPress theme
Feast is a trustworthy WordPress theme with unique features and excellent design. It’s easy to use and customize. The key features of the theme are: Advanced custom calendar; Custom Table bookings app; Proper Google Maps integration; Awesome unique widgets and much more.


Black & Brown Mexican Restaurant WordPress Theme
Arriba comes with a rusty background and abstract elements over the header. The logo is placed at the center with radiating colored fonts. The menu navigation has nice hover effects in a multi level sub menu style. With a neat content area, the theme also has a partitioned footer to hold widgets.


Grey & White Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Template


MeGusto pizza bar WordPress theme
MeGusto is a nice WordPress theme for restaurant business. The template is supplied with TurboFrameworks editor and admin panel for visual site editing.


Bakery WordPress Theme
Bakery WordPress Theme designed for bakery and other food business websites. The premium WordPress theme has a nice creamy color scheme with tasty photos on the front page. With multilevel drop down menus and beautiful sliders gives your website an exciting look.


Limon – A Restaurant and Spa WordPress Theme
Limon is a feature-rich premium WordPress theme designed for restaurants and cafes. The theme features 18 different color options, 7 different background patterns, unlimited sidebars and an extensive custom options panel, the possibilities for customization are endless.


Restaurant Wp Theme
Restaurant Wp Theme is beautifully presented with shining textured brown background and nice hover effects for the page elements. The attractive design and interesting features of this theme make it more appealing. The template holds a menu page along with recipe descriptions.


Goodold Restaurant – Responsive WordPress Theme
Goodold Restaurant is a premium WordPress theme for restaurants, cafe, bar and other food and drink related companies. This theme has many built-in theme options that will help you easily customize the appearance of theme without any programming skills.


Mataam Restaurant – Responsive WordPress Theme
Mataam is a stylish WordPress theme with many features that are easy to edit. The main content block is placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position. The theme includes a lot of custom widgets. Mataam Restaurant provides unlimited custom sidebars option where you can add for pages or posts. Display the sidebar positioning left of right side for each page or posts without affecting the code hierarchy as the main content block is always placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position.


White & Brown Mexican Restaurant WordPress Theme
Mexican Restaurant WordPress theme is a very modern and positive website template that can be used for Mexican cuisine restaurant or Mexican bar. Everything hints at a Mexican style in this template: from colors to patterns. A big homepage slider adds some spicy taste to the whole site design.


Black Seafood Restaurant WordPress Theme
Black Seafood Restaurant is a stunning restaurant website with dark background. The homepage has a slideshow of appetizing images with simple thumbnails beneath the sliders. The sidebars has widgets positioned among the three column layout. The beautiful design and plenty of features present all your menus and recipes in a captivating style.


White & Green Italian Restaurant WordPress Theme


Eatery – Responsive Restaurant WordPress Theme
Eatery includes a full menu system, 5 premium color settings, and just the right amount of customization options to make your business look sharp with little effort. Choose any of the 9 Google Fonts with complimenting paragraph text. Add up to 8 photos to use as your site background or choose 1 panoramic image.


White Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Template
White Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Template is as good as a hot crunchy pizza after hard working day… Impressive Orange header and menu elements, and clean white background with a huge slider make this theme one in a thousand!


Delicieux – Restaurant WordPress Theme
Delicieux is a super flexible WordPress theme for retail/restaurant. It comes with beautiful and user friendly design. This is exactly how a restaurant website should look. This theme also comes with extensive admin panel. Delicieux has tons of advanced features. You can change almost every element color via admin panel, moreover, you can also change it via Live Color Changer!


Delicioso – Delicious WordPress Restaurant Theme
From the first glance at Delicioso WordPress theme you want to visit some restaurant with a fancy dishes and friendly atmosphere. This theme comes with amazing functions that helps you to run your restaurant website without loosing much time and efforts.


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  1. Very nice WordPress resources! Restaurant themes are very sweet. i would also add also something like cooking/ recipe blog themes. Because according to the latest research food blogs are extremely popular!

  2. The fullscreen ones really stand out I think. Can some of them be presented as food exhibition site? I’d like to use one.

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