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Animals & Pets websites niche is getting more popular nowadays. With the great number of bloggers who like to describe the life of their beloved dogs/cats/hamsters, the thing like a cute WordPress theme is very up-to-date. Moreover, any modern Zoo, Animal clinics, and even groomers (a pet’s hairdresser) need a nice online presentation. Here comes our cute Collection of Pets & Animals WordPress themes, where you may find the design to your taste.

Veterinary WordPress Theme

Simple and friendly WordPress theme for veterinary practice or even a small Zoo shop. The image sliders with smooth transitions look elegant on the front page. The business services are neatly aligned in a boxed layout. The theme comes packed with an impressive array of custom options and widgets allowing you to control the look and feel.


Brown Vet WordPress Theme

Another Veterinarian Blog WordPress theme with a nicely structured layout and pleasant color scheme. The theme will highlight the most recent posts and cute photos of the animals and pets on the homepage. A static header can be quite effective in a this web interface where its usage proves to be advantageous.


Black & White Cat WordPress Theme

A lovely dark WordPress theme dedicated to please the cat lovers bloggers. Top horizontal bar navigation is enriched with hover effect and dropdown menu. Four columns sliders display sweet photos of your pets.


Dogs wordpress theme


Grey & Green Dog WordPress Theme

This Dog WordPress Theme is an elegant looking theme that is wisely powered by a set of great features that suit for making animals and pets related websites. The sliders are awesome with the smooth transitions of images along with captions beneath it. The widgets are positioned at the footer as well as the sidebar for enhancing the website functionality.


Pets Club WordPress Theme

This is a well-crafteв and nicely designed WordPress theme for any type of the pet/animal blog. Every detail of the theme is thought-out in order to make it original and special one. Blue-grey color range is nice for perception. A big slider will catch the attention of your visitors giving them a perfect chance to discover bright and memorable images.


Black Cat WordPress Theme

Brilliantly black Cat theme for WordPress is more than just a theme. This is an eye-catchy and recognizable theme to make your pets website totally unique. Get it and enjoy all those benefits you can have thanks to its creative potential.


Pet Care WordPress Blog

This is absolutely stunning WordPress theme for your website. It comes with a responsive layout and features that are built with a view to satisfy the needs of any animals and pets related website. Due to the black & white background combination the theme looks very stylish and neat. A smooth slider on the homepage allows you to display any photo you want.


Animal Care – Premium WordPress Theme

Animal Care is a feature-rich and trustworthy WordPress theme, that lets you customize a wide variety of features from the comfort of your Dashboard. The key features of the theme are: Google Analytics; 6 custom widgets; Shortcodes; Google fonts support and more.


Black & White Zoo WordPress Theme

Zoo WordPress Theme is specially designed for pets and animals related website with pictures and elements that correlate to the niche. With the white background and gray header and footer, the template is awesome to look at.


White Wild Life WordPress Theme


Horse Club WordPress Theme
Horse Club for WordPress has a blue and green background. The logo is placed in the center, and the navigation panel is at the top of the header with drop-down styled submenus. That is also a carousel of the featured images with links to the posts. The gallery page has a different column layout along with light box integration of the images.


White Dog WordPress Theme

“There is nothing more pleasant than a spring morning walk with your dog somewhere next to the river”. You may start your post something like this but you have to start your website with this lovely clean Dog WordPress Theme.


Dog Shop WordPress theme

Dog Shop theme is a nice and touchy solution for any pet related website. It comes with a clean white background headed with orange shades for the page headers and hover elements. This professional theme cleanly features blog, portfolio with elegant style.


Rescue – Animal Shelter Theme + Petfinder Support

Rescue is a theme built with one purpose: getting animals adopted. Your website can now have an awesome look. Pets can easily be added or you can pull them from your Petfinder profile with a few clicks. Rescue is built with the Petfinder API so you can easily sync your pets from your Petfinder profile to your WordPress install. A recurring script will run in designated intervals to make sure that Rescue always has the most updated information from your shelter’s Petfinder profile.


Black Cats Design WordPress Template


White & Grey Cat WordPress Theme
Simple yet functional WordPress blog theme for anyone who wants to start a pet related blog easily and fast. A nice design with blue header and white background is content-focused. The theme is customizable, too.


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